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Dec 12, 2021   |   News   |   Written by Julie Murphy
Register for LACE - Jan. 8 - Build A Better You

Join Founder’s District for LACE! This year, get more at LACE - the main winter training event is designed to take place on two Saturdays: January 8 and February 5. Find below the exciting events for the first day of LACE, Saturday January 8. The agenda for February 5 will be announced soon. What is LACE? LACE is an opportunity to obtain high-level training and information on topics that will drive the success of your club as well as your professional and personal life. If you are an incoming club officer, it’s a good opportunity to meet people from other clubs and pick up some new skills.  If you are ... read more

Nov 19, 2021   |   News   |   Written by Andrea Lewis
Founder's District recognizes our 2020-2021 District leaders!

On Saturday, October 30, in a successfully run hybrid event (thanks to Newport Center Toastmasters ), Founder’s District recognized the efforts of the Area and Division Directors, as well as the efforts of our dedicated members to make the 2020 - 2021 Toastmaster year a positive experience, in spite of the hardship that took control of the entire life on the planet.  Watch the recording to find out more about the awards presented by Immediate Past District Director, Christine Brady. ... read more

Nov 15, 2021   |   News   |   Written by Andrea Lewis
New Clubs, Sponsors and Mentors

Starting a new club is a rewarding experience. Learn how club Sponsors and Mentors can work together to help form new clubs and more importantly help the club be successful! Watch the recording of this interactive session on Toastmasters Club Sponsors and Mentors. ... read more

Nov 02, 2021   |   News   |   Written by Julie Murphy, Program Quality Director
Founder's District Launches an Advertising Pilot Program

Founder's District has launched an advertising pilot program on LinkedIn, and more social media will be added soon! We are inviting clubs that qualify for the program to attend specialized workshops in which participants will learn how to convert guests to members, add pizzazz to Club meetings, and most importantly, close the deal! Join us on Nov. 6 at 9:30 a.m. PT or Nov. 9 at 6:30 p.m. PT We welcome all to join us for the workshop to help build your membership.  The tools we discuss can help your club meet the minimum number of members to enroll, don’t miss out on valuable tips! Q ... read more

Apr 24, 2021   |   News   |   Written by Julie Murphy
New Awards Recognize Top Performers

District Choice Award Each District may set one goal to achieve by the end of the 2020-2021 program year.  The goal must support Club Growth, Membership Payments, Membership Renewals (renewals only), Distinguished Clubs, or Club Retention.   Member Engagement Level 1 Completions  - The Districts with the highest number of Level 1 completions reflected in Club Central for the 2020-2021 program year as a percentage of the District membership base (top three Districts per region will be recognized) - The Areas with the highest number of Level 1 completions reflected in Club Central for the 2020-2021 p ... read more

Apr 10, 2021   |   News   |   Written by Founder's District
Copy of 2021-2022 District Officer Nominations

  In accordance with Article VII, Section (b) of the District Administrative Bylaws, the District Leadership Committee, comprised of one representative from each Division (in order, A through G): Division A - Daniel Cossack, DTM Division C - Minh Le, DTM Division D - Diana Garofalo, IP3 Division E - Amy Shih, DTM Division F - Vijay Chidambaram, DTM Division G - Sherry Tomasula, DTM The committee has nominated the following candidates for 2021-2022 District Officers, in order by office, and then alphabetically by last name if there is more than one candidate for an office.  We invite you to ... read more

Dec 27, 2020   |   News   |   Written by Julie Murphy
Help Charter New Clubs for Founder’s District

  Do you want to become a charter member of a new club?  It’s an incredibly special opportunity to help build the club culture, have your name eternally listed on the charter, help pick a name and most importantly a time! Founder’s District has multiple new clubs forming:  Pastime Pursuits - Do you want to share your passion with others? Speeches and Table Topics will be dedicated to speaking about things we love the most in life. Get to know your fellow Toastmasters’ favorite hobbies or perhaps their stretch goals.  Contact Jeanne Cassidy, Julie Murphy, Kathy Hughes or Brian vo ... read more

Dec 05, 2020   |   News   |   Written by Julie Murphy
2021-2022 District Leader Nominations Now Open

Founder’s District is now seeking nominations for the positions of District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and Division Directors. These positions will be filled by election at the Spring Conference on May 15, 2021. All qualified members are encouraged to self-nominate and run for office. Leadership in Toastmasters offers vital experience in: Team building Delegation Goal setting Planning Problem solving Other key benefits are networking with other business leaders, making new friends, and gaining a better understanding of how Toastmasters works on a global scale. Call f ... read more

Oct 24, 2020   |   News   |   Written by Julie Murphy
Founder’s District Names Area Director of the Year, Division Director of the Year and Toastmaster of the Year!

  Congratulations Sherri Horowitz, Founder’s District 2019-2020 Area Director of the year! Congratulations Gisele Nguyen, Founder’s District 2019-2020 Division Director of the year! Founder’s District is proud to name Julie Murphy as the 2019-2020 Toastmaster of the Year! We can’t wait to see what each of you achieve this year! {youtube} qX7vQLVJsGQ{/youtube} ... read more

Oct 15, 2020   |   News   |   Written by Julie Murphy
Leadership with a Personal Touch

Ede Ferrari-D'Angelo, DTM, PRA, PID, is the master of the “personal touch.” We may not be able to meet in person, however, Ede recently shared a few tips on how you can still lead with a personal touch! 1. Express gratitude. Don’t forget to say thank you or well done! Always recognize effort and achievement.2. Take the time for one minute of kindness. A simple email of gratitude has a long-lasting effect. Don’t be afraid to reach out!3. Listen! Allow someone else to talk without trying to fix their problem. You don’t need to find a solution to everyone's problem.4. Serve with integrity. Nev ... read more