Saturday January 08, 2022

LACE is an opportunity for our members and club officers to obtain high-level training and information on topics that will drive their success. It was originally developed to supplement Toastmasters club officer training requirements, but because of its high-quality, interactive workshops, it has emerged as a well-known and admired curriculum throughout the region. LACE is unique to Founder’s District in affordability, scope, value, quality, diversity, and excellence.  

This year, get more at LACE - the main winter training event is designed to take place on two Saturdays: January 8 and February 5. Find below the exciting events for the first day of LACE, Saturday January 8. The agenda for February 5 will be announced soon - stay tuned!

LACE offers training for club officers and advanced officer experiences.  All LACE sessions will be conducted via Zoom meetings. You must individually register for each session you wish to attend. Check out the schedule and get registered. All sessions are FREE!

LACE is for EVERYONE! All club members and officers are welcome!

January 08, 2022
LACE Online

Irvine, CA
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Mike Carr

Building Your Most Important Skill in Communication & Life

08:00 am - 08:50 am
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The key to your achieving everything you want in communication and life is hidden in the stories you tell yourself, but we don't believe it because it sounds too simple. Actually, it is not simple at all based on a Noble-prize winning research, one of the most profound and complex truths in our human experience. Mike will teach how to use this profound truth to your advantage.

Mike Carr first joined Toastmasters 25 years ago to help his communication stay on track, stay on time, and eliminate filler words. At that time he had 1 wife, 1 kid, and very few stories. 

Today, Mike cannot count the ways Toastmasters has helped him in life and work. From his work in the United States Senate to his role as a Senior Leader in multinational corporations, from starting several businesses to serving on nonprofit Boards, the lessons learned in Toastmasters have helped Mike achieve results. Today he still has 1 wife, but now has 8 kids and many more stories.

He is still an active member of Toastmasters in Austin, Texas, and when not being a dad, Mike is a partner in a financial firm and runs his own business. He frequently speaks internationally to large organizations like Merrill Lynch, UBS, and Hewlett Packard and innumerable small ones about the stories we tell others, the stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we choose to listen to. Mike is the 2020 World Champion of Public Speaking where he outspoke 30,000 contestants from 146 countries to win Toastmasters International’s top contest and is known in the financial world as the “Economic Storyteller.”



Alfred Herzing

Quality Clubs

Clubs are Our "Franchises"
09:00 am - 09:50 am
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In this interactive session, Past International President Alfred Herzing will share the elements of a quality club which will help retain existing members and encourage guests to join when they visit.

Alfred R. Herzing has been a Toastmaster since “the last century”.  In 1990-1991 his team led District 52 to Distinguished District status.  But he is more proud of the fact that it was the first of four years in a row that District 52 was Distinguished.

Alfred served as an International Director from 1995-1997 and on the Executive Committee of Toastmasters International from 1998-2003.  He was elected to serve all Toastmasters worldwide as our International President in August 2001.

Alfred remains active in 4 clubs and is an officer in 3 of those clubs.  He also is currently mentoring 20 Top 3 District Leaders around the world.  

Alfred has presented to audiences in the United States and Canada, as well as Germany, Switzerland, The Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and Malaysia.