2020 Summer LACE - Saturday June 20, 2020

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Maurice DiMino

The Art of Selling Toastmasters

09:00 am - 09:50 am
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Membership is the life blood to all clubs.  Is your club growing and bringing in new members?  In this fun, interactive and informative session, learn the “Three Tier” approach to attracting, obtaining and sustaining your club’s membership.

After the session, you will walk away with tips and techniques to make your club grow and flourish.

You know individuals these days have the opportunity to reach a lot of people online and offline with their expertise, but don't know how to actually do it? Well, Maurice DiMino teaches coaches, business owners, authors and speakers to "Elevate Your Authority" so you can be seen as the 'Celebrity' in your business and life by using the Six Elements of Authority.

Maurice DiMino is an award-winning International Speaker, Number #1 bestselling author and TEDx speaker.  Maurice was the 78th person to be recognized as an Accredited Speaker by Toastmasters International.  He has spoken virtually and in-person in over 3,000 presentation all over the United States as well as in Dubai, Fiji and Japan. Keep up with him on his website MauriceDiMino.com as well as Facebook.

For joining us at the Founder’s District LACE Program, Maurice has a Thank You gift: “The 70 Quotes of Highly Effective People” – a great resource for you to use on your next speech.  Go to:  YourMillionDollarMessageNow.com to get your free copy.  And thank you for attending.



Randy Crane

Perspectives from the Park

Change Your View So You Can Move Forward
10:00 am - 10:50 am
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We all get "stuck" from time to time, and being able to move forward out of it is one of the most critical skills for a leader. Whether you're facing fear, insecurity, indecision, or are just feeling generally "stuck," a change in perspective can make all the difference. This session will show you how to make that happen in your life as we explore the use of "forced perspective" at Disneyland.

Randy Crane is a leadership educator with over two decades of experience in operations and data analytics.  Randy knows what it’s like to set and accomplish goals—from being a 3-time (so far) marathoner to being a Founder’s District-level competitor in the 2019 and 2020 International Speech Contests. He is dedicated to helping others and teaches leaders and aspiring leaders to be more productive and less stressed, all using examples from the magic of Disneyland.  As the Mouse himself, Walt Disney, once said: "Fantasy and reality often overlap." Randy shows you how to use both to become your best self.



Nadia Gikes

Demystifying Pathways Projects

10:00 am - 10:50 am
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Did you know that Toastmasters can help you gain new skills that you can apply at work and in social settings?  The session will discuss simple, inexpensive ways to make those happen through the electives in Level 3 and 4 in Pathways.  Have you considered starting a blog or podcast?  Do you want to improve your networking or job interviewing skills?  Don’t miss this informative session that will spark personal and professional growth!

Nadia Gilkes is currently the Public Relations Manager for District 115 in Southern Nevada and recent recipient of the District Sparkplug of the Year award.  She earned her first DTM in the traditional program and is now on her way to being DTM squared - nearing the completion of her Pathways DTM requirements.  Outside of Toastmasters she is an author currently touring her first book, Woke Up Dead.  She serves the community as a Family Law and Estate Planning attorney.  Concerts and NFL games are her favorite pastime.



Karen Lucas

Building Your Club Legacy

11:00 am - 11:50 am
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Have you ever wondered how long-standing clubs thrive while new clubs fall by the wayside?  Part of the secret to success is creating a compelling vision, building a cohesive leadership team and an intentional mentorship program.  Join this session to learn to celebrate your club’s success and cultivate a positive culture.

Karen is the former Program Quality Director for Founder’s District and was the inaugural District Director for District 100.  Here unique perspective and background embraces balanced, diverse international teams using intergenerational communication tactics to yield strategic planning that will benefit all members with the aim (ensuring that all members are heard and that the decisions we make consider the needs of all members) of more equitable consideration for all members.



Ken Spears

Energizing Club Members

11:00 am - 11:50 am
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In Toastmasters, it starts at the club.  Want an energized club experience?  How do we keep members engaged and active?  Most importantly, how can we make each meeting engage the member so that they will have an even better day?  And how can we think outside the club meeting to make it a meaningful experience for our members.  Come and learn how to make your club meeting the best it can be!

Ken Spears is the current Founders District Club Growth Director. He is a two-time DTM, a President’s Distinguished Division director and was one of the first people in the district to achieve a Pathways DTM. Ken is a member of a number of clubs including San Clemente Toastmasters, Wine on Wednesday and Coastmasters. He has served as club officer numerous times. Ken also runs a wine distribution business and oversees a staff of sales representatives. Ken says: “Toastmasters has helped make me a much better manager that I could ever have imagined.” Ken also says, “Always Uncork Happiness.”




Robert Hudack

Run an Effective Executive Committee Meeting

11:00 am - 11:50 am
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Every club has an executive committee, elected officers who ensure the quality and long-term success of the club.  Join this group training session to learn how to make your executive committee meetings effective.  Find out about resources from World Headquarters that can help you keep your club strong and rewarding.  Have your club achieve Distinguished status this year!

Bob Hudack was the Founder's District Governor in 2008-2009.  A 28-year Toastmaster who has held every club office, he believes that cross-training officers is critical because one never knows when a key officer may be absent.



Danielle Brown

Toastmasters 101: New Members Start Here

11:00 am - 11:50 am
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From missions to mentoring, learn everything you need to know about being an effective Toastmaster.  Rooted in the Toastmasters curriculum, this workshop sets the foundation for new members to have a smooth start and equips veteran Toastmasters with teaching tools they can use to better help fellow members.  The session will walk you through ALL the roles of a traditional meeting, explain why we clap, and give you a blueprint for delivering evaluations.  Plus, receive handcrafted, downloadable resource materials like the “10 Creative Ways to Lead Table Topics” one-sheet and more.  Come ready to learn and bring your questions to try to stump the expert!

Danielle Brown originally joined Toastmasters in the Spring of 2017 and has wasted no time in devoting her unique skills to foster club excellence and develop exceptional leaders.  She is currently serving as the Member Retention Chair for Founder’s District, completed her Dynamic Leadership path during her time as an Area Director, and works as a marketing specialist and writing consultant.  When she's not escaping between the pages of imaginary worlds or drafting her own novel, she's living the dream as co-host of the "Currently Obsessed" podcast with Christine Brady.



Kathleen Hughes

No Groundhogs Here

02:00 pm - 02:50 pm
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Every day may feel like groundhog’s day.  It’s easy for clubs to get into a routine, however, now is the perfect time to experiment with fun meeting ideas to retain current members and convert guests to members and perhaps even bring back former members. Join this session for 10 winning ways to grow your club, including an in-house open house.

Kathy Hughes, DTM, joined Toastmasters in October 2010. In Founder’s District, Kathy has served as an Area Director, Division Director, Pathways Ambassador, Club Retention Chair, Conference Co-Chair and District Finance Manager among other things. She has been a successful Club Coach and Club Sponsor and was the October 2018 recipient of the Founder’s District Spirit of Excellence Award. Kathy has earned two Distinguished Toastmaster awards, the most recent being a Pathways DTM.



Julie Broady, DTM, PDD

Leadership Journey

02:00 pm - 02:50 pm
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What does being a Club Officer, taking on a weekly club role, being an Area or Division director contribute to being a better speaker. Everything!  Find out how rewarding it can be to grow your leadership skills both personally and professionally.

Julie Broady, DTM, IPDD, first joined Toastmasters in 2001 as a financial advisor with a notable Wall Street firm that struggled to present investment seminars in high net worth communities in Southern California. She stuttered when communicating in front of an audience and in high pressure situations.  She visited Professional Women Toastmasters in Marina Del Rey, CA in District 1 at the invitation of her coworkers.  
18 years later, she has served in every club officer role and in every elected district officer role.   She has empowered over 5,000 individuals to find their voice and develop the skill sets needed to transform their lives.
She is a Regional Vice President in Wealth Management with a background in public accounting and auditing of large global multi-nationals. As an alumnus of Inroads, Inc, she has continued to develop college students for their transition from academia to the corporate arena since 1995.  


Santosh Akella

Build a Meaningful Brand Connection Through Powerful Content

03:00 pm - 03:50 pm
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Join this session to learn how to make content for your club that sizzles, all while using the Toastmasters guidelines. Understand the basics of colors, logos, fonts and images that allow you to create powerful content for promoting Toastmasters in your club or district. Bonus fact, you don’t need expensive software to make great content. The workshop will provide a hands-on overview using Canva. To make the most of the workshop, register for a FREE account in advance of the session.

Santosh has been a Toastmaster for three years.  He is currently serving as Area M2 Director in District 98.  Served as VP PR for Agnel Toastmasters and was awarded the Toastmaster of the Year 2018-19 for Division M. Creativity is Santosh's forte. 



Minh Le

Take Control of Your Time

03:00 pm - 03:50 pm
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Are you always running out of time?  Do you feel like you never have enough time to accomplish your goals?  Join this interactive session to reduce brain waste and learn to focus on your objectives.  By the end of the session you will be equipped with the tools you need to tackle your “to do” list.

Distinguished Toastmaster Minh Le is currently a member of two Toastmasters clubs, Historically Speaking TM, which he joined since 2012, and Just Speeches, an advanced club he helped to charter a several months ago. 

Last year, he received the Division Director of the Year award from Founder’s District for leading Division C from a struggling Division to President’s Distinguished. He did that while running two small businesses and organizing his own wedding.




Tod Henry

Build a Team That Shines

03:00 pm - 03:50 pm
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Anyone who has participated in multiple Toastmasters clubs knows that some groups rise above others.  The mix of good leadership, team cooperation and constructive feedback in superior clubs makes the experience particularly valuable or memorable.  On the other hand, we’ve all been in clubs—or business or academic work teams—where there isn’t that same sense of purpose, group cohesion or feeling of accomplishment.  Join this session to learn how to build an extraordinary team where it’s Toastmasters or for your workplace.

One of the key lessons Tod Henry learned from his previous leadership positions is team building.  Building and empowering a team minimizes individual shortcomings and magnifies positive outcomes.  Confident, successful leaders teach, encourage, and inspire.  He includes all members to improve the entire organization while building additional leaders to ensure the organization continues to prosper for many years.