District Leadership Team

The Founder's District team is proud to serve the members of the district. The team is dedicated to the mission of the district, building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence. Our team embodies the core values of Toastmasters, integrity, respect for the individual, service to the member, and dedication to excellence.

Lori Shapiro DTM
District Director

Christine Brady MS3
Program Quality Director

David Hosmer DTM
Club Growth Director

Salvador Perez PM3
Public Relations Manager

Julie Murphy IP1
Administration Manager

Kathleen Hughes DTM
Finance Manager

Michael Felsted DTM
Logistics Manager

Diana Dee DTM
Immediate Past District Director

District Chairs

Charlotte Naugle
District Advisor


John Angiolillo


Daniel Cossack
District Parliamentarian


Vijay Chidambaram
District Protocol


Diana Dee
District Leadership Committee Chair


Debra Morales
Audit Committee Chair


Robert Hudack
Club Alignment


Fred Springer
Proxy Chair


Wilma Springer
Proxy Chair


Frances Stein
Administrative Procedures Chair


Alfred Herzing
PQD Advisor


Ann Shimizu
District Chief Judge


Julie Murphy


Amy Shih
Club and Member Achievement Co-Chair


David Moore
Club and Member Achievement Co-Chair


Danielle Brown
Member Retention Chair


Linda Robinson
District Conference Chair


Cliff Shimizu
District Contest Chair


Cliff Shimizu
Contest Quality Chair


Mary Berg
Learning Lab Chair


Charlotte Drake
Pathways Education Chair


Regina Rhymes
CGD Advisor


Linda Robinson
Corporate Clubs Chair


Minh Le
Community Clubs Chair


Ken Spears
Membership Growth Chair


Steven Saffell
Membership Growth Chair


Randy Kleinman
Launch Team Leader


Mike Sato
Data Research Chair


Amanda Brill
Club Mentor Chair


Diane Brown
Club Quality Chair


Linda Denton
Youth Leadership Chair


Olimpo Salmoran Palomino


Ceara Crawford
FDTV Executive Producer


Daniel Cossack


Jeanne Cassidy
Communication Chair


Steve Itzkowitz


Peter Wang
Event Promotion Chair


Kevin Graham
Speaker's Bureau Chair


Gabriela Lewis
Social Media Chair



Division Directors

Gisele Nguyen ACG, ALB
Division A Director

Kyoko Miyagawa DTM
Division B Director

Lillian Copeland ACS, ALB
Division C Director

Jean Tanquary PI2
Division D Director

Jamal Khan PI1
Division E Director

Joel Sax VC3
Division F Director

Sherry Tomasula DTM
Division G Director

Area Directors

Norm Stein
Area A-1 Director

Laurie Sachar
Area A-2 Director

Brenda Scherr
Area A-3 Director

Weiqiang Wang
Area A-4 Director

Paul Brown
Area B-1 Director

Jon Hartowicz
Area B-3 Director

Lelani Duckwitz
Area B-4 Director

Jeff Koford
Area C-1 Director

Tanya Mansell
Area C-2 Director

Vincent Thieu Vo
Area C-3 Director

Bin Wei
Area D-1 Director

Scott Auchmoody
Area D-2 Director

Billy Yeh
Area D-3 Director

Venu Vollala
Area D-4 Director

Daniel Fung
Area D-5 Director

Diana Garofalo
Area E-1 Director

Pramod Kunju
Area E-2 Director

Vicky Shepard
Area E-3 Director

Lydia Stone
Area E-4 Director

Brian von Kraus
Area F-1 Director

Richard Beserra
Area F-2 Director

Irene Kennedy
Area F-3 Director

Adam Brenner
Area F-4 Director

Amira Ibrahim
Area F-5 Director

Charles Marlatte
Area G-1 Director

Sherri Horowitz
Area G-2 Director

David Makela
Area G-3 Director

Julie Schrock
Area G-4 Director

Lynne Leite
Area G-5 Director