District Leadership Team

The Founder's District team is proud to serve the members of the district. The team is dedicated to the mission of the district, building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence. Our team embodies the core values of Toastmasters, integrity, respect for the individual, service to the member, and dedication to excellence.

Christine Brady DTM
District Director

David Hosmer DTM
Program Quality Director

Ken Spears DTM
Club Growth Director

Julie Murphy DTM
Public Relations Manager

Danielle Brown TC5
Administration Manager

Cathy Tipton LD5
Finance Manager

Ann Shimizu DTM
Logistics Manager

Lori Shapiro DTM
Immediate Past District Director

District Chairs

Alfred Herzing
District Advisor


John Angiolillo


Mary Berg
District Parliamentarian


Lori Shapiro
District Leadership Committee Chair


Robert Hudack
Club Alignment


Julie Broady
PQD Advisor


Susan Zielan
District Chief Judge


Abha Shah


Linda Robinson


Mike Sato
Club and Member Achievement Chair


Sherry Tomasula
District Conference Chair


Mark Simon
HPL Chair


Kathleen Hughes
Membership Growth Chair


Jean Tanquary
Club Mentor Chair


Kelly Motakef
Youth Leadership Chair


Daniel Cossack
FDTV Executive Producer



Division Directors

Silvia Swigert DTM
Division A Director

John Breb IP4
Division C Director

Daniel Fung EC3
Division D Director

Wing Kin Susanna Wong DTM
Division E Director

Adam Brenner ACG, ALB
Division F Director

Sherri Horowitz PM5
Division G Director

Area Directors

Scott Friedman
Area A-1 Director

Richard Farina
Area A-2 Director

Paul Fay
Area A-3 Director

Alejandra Gutierrez
Area A-4 Director

Shane Simpson
Area A-5 Director

Lawrence Crandall
Area C-1 Director

Jeanne Cassidy
Area C-2 Director

Eric Jue
Area C-3 Director

Scott Southall
Area C-4 Director

Randy Kleinman
Area C-5 Director

Miguel Moreno
Area D-1 Director

Roshan Sarode
Area D-2 Director

Gregory Reid
Area D-3 Director

Yu Ding
Area D-4 Director

Daisy Ambia
Area D-5 Director

Shiva Batchu
Area E-1 Director

Kristin Dalton
Area E-2 Director

Alyssa Pan
Area E-3 Director

Thomas Olson
Area E-4 Director

Junaidi Tjen
Area E-5 Director

Christi Mottola
Area F-1 Director

Jorge Gomez
Area F-2 Director

Raul Garcia
Area F-3 Director

Robert Fisher
Area F-4 Director

Steve Babyak
Area F-5 Director

Paul Croulet
Area G-1 Director

Stefan Blasig
Area G-2 Director

Charles Schwartz
Area G-3 Director

Dave Friedman
Area G-4 Director