District Leadership Team

The Founder's District team is proud to serve the members of the district. The team is dedicated to the mission of the district, building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence. Our team embodies the core values of Toastmasters, integrity, respect for the individual, service to the member, and dedication to excellence.

David Hosmer DTM
District Director

Julie Murphy DTM
Program Quality Director

Kathleen Hughes DTM
Club Growth Director

Gabriela Lewis VC3
Public Relations Manager

Victor Crowell VC2
Administration Manager

Cathy Tipton LD5
Finance Manager

Steve Itzkowitz DTM
Logistics Manager

Christine Brady DTM
Immediate Past District Director

District Chairs

Julie Broady
District Advisor


John Angiolillo


Norman Cook
District Parliamentarian


Lauren Kelly
District Leadership Committee Chair


David Clark
Audit Committee Chair


Robert Hudack
Club Alignment


Susan Zielan
Administrative Procedures Chair


Silvia Swigert
District Chief Judge


Stella Marie Mahakian


Chaitanya Kshirsagar
Club Recognition Chair


Gisele Nguyen
District Conference Chair


Lillian Copeland
District Contest Chair


Christine Brady
Learning Lab Chair


Danielle Brown
Pathways Chair


John Angiolillo
Officer Training Data


Julie Broady
CGD Advisor


Sherri Horowitz
Club Extension Chair


Mary Berg
Team Recruitment


Jon Hartowicz
Data Research


Brenda Scherr
Club Retention Chair


Jeanne Cassidy
Club Sponsor Chair


Michael Felsted
Club Coach Co-Chair


Junaidi Tjen
Club Coach Co-Chair


Aron Darling
Club Quality Chair


Yazmin Ranger
Youth Leadership Chair


Daniel Cossack
FDTV Executive Producer


Daniel Cossack


Gabriela Lewis
Communication Chair


Kevin Graham
Speaker's Bureau Chair



Division Directors

Paul Fay DTM
Division A Director

Gordon Kiser PI4
Division C Director

Angie Ding LD5
Division D Director

Thomas Olson LD2
Division E Director

Shiva Batchu LD1
Division F Director

Irene Kennedy DL5
Division G Director

Area Directors

Kim MacKeand
Area A-1 Director

Frances Stein
Area A-2 Director

Stefanie Johnson
Area A-3 Director

Ruben Ulloa
Area A-4 Director

April Braswell
Area A-5 Director

Richard Farina
Area C-1 Director

Stephen Dredge
Area C-2 Director

Mary Berg
Area C-3 Director

Aisha Virzi
Area C-4 Director

Kelly Lin
Area D-1 Director

Wenxi Lin
Area D-2 Director

Swamy Tummala
Area D-3 Director

Cynthia Zhuang
Area D-4 Director

Sonali Jambhekar
Area E-1 Director

Roxienne Albertina
Area E-2 Director

Martin Vaccaro
Area E-3 Director

Charles Curto
Area E-4 Director

Tedi Kennedy
Area F-1 Director

HueiShuan Liu
Area F-2 Director

Kimberly Province
Area F-3 Director

Lory Nemnich
Area F-4 Director

Ken Spears
Area G-1 Director

Fardad Siavoshi
Area G-2 Director

Jean Tanquary
Area G-3 Director

Christopher Bare
Area G-4 Director